Our development

The farm had been created in 2012, with an area of 600 sq. m outside parks for capacity of 150 000 snails. In the end of the period of we release 1200kg of first class quality hibernated production.










In the period of 2013-2014 the area of the park have been increased to 1000 sq. m for the total capacity of 300 000 snails. Every day we provide the best conditions for our snails – high humidity, optimal temperature, strict hygiene and good quality of food. The final aim is to reach production of 2500 kg first class hibernated production.










In 2015 the area reaches 1500 sq. m, we build new refrigeration building and better system for keeping the snails from escaping the parks.









During 2016 we focus on increasing the productivity and quality of our production. Also we created closed cycle of production. That actions brought us a very good results.










We begin 2017 with already closed production cycle. We started our own reproduction room with capacity of five million (5 000 000) new born snails.


2019 started with the unification of two farms in their common goal. Step by step the joint work of these farms leads to the establishment of the company “Perlescargots” Ltd., which has its own processing plant and has focused its activities in the preparation of delicacies from snails.